How to get more pleasures from escort girls

How to get more pleasures from escort girls

When we are talking about escort girls, one thing we should tell you that escorts aren’t the only ones who are responsible for providing you pleasures, but you should also put in some effort. You simply can’t leave everything on them because that would be rude, and it will be too much work for these girls. In today’s post, we are going to discuss about some very important things every man should follow in order to achieve the best pleasures from these girls. If you follow these steps, then you won’t be just happy, but you are going to be totally ecstatic.

Step 1: Treat your girl with respect

The first and foremost thing is to remember that even if you are paying someone for their time, then also you don’t have the right to treat someone badly. Escort girls really hate men who are rude with them. If you want them to like you, then you should treat them with love and respect, and you should show them that you are a gentleman. Once these girls know that you are having respect for them, then they will also make sure that you are getting the right treatment from their side. Lots of men who often treat them rudely often end up getting no pleasures at all. If you don’t want that to happen, then always treat these ladies with utmost respect.

Step 2: Enhance the ambience of your place

If you have hired a hotel room, then make sure that you totally go romantic when it comes to decorating the room. Order some Champagne and some tasty snacks that will compliment the drink. Arrange some flowers to make your escort feel romantic, and we guarantee that you are going to make your escort really happy. There are lots of ways to show your romantic side, but nothing is better than flowers. Shower some rose petals on the bed, and also use scented candles that will make your entire room really amazing. These things are important and it shows that you value your girl, and you are going to do anything for them. This also shows that this meeting isn’t just about pleasures, but its about romanticism too.

Step 3: Tip your escort

Tipping is always a good thing, and it is a form of appreciation too. If you are happy with the services, then you should always tip your escort. Now, when we are talking about tipping, you shouldn’t go cheap because that will make you feel low and your escort too. The golden rule is to tip at least 10-15% of the total amount. Hence, you should do the math and based on the results you can tip that. Once you have made a tip, we bet that it will bring a smile on their faces, and you are going to enjoy this too.

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